Commercial Air Conditioning – Australia

Quantum is the preferred choice for commercial air conditioning servicing and maintenance for over 1000 clients and is the leading Australian multi-product service maintenance provider across Australia . We service and maintain a comprehensive range of products and partner with unique energy saving technology that can save you up to 25% on your energy bill.

Quantum Technical Services is a leading provider of commercial equipment maintenance services and commercial air conditioning installations Australia-wide. Quantum services and maintains air conditioning, refrigeration, coffee machines, post-mix, misting, photographic and scanning equipment.

Our product servicing line up extends beyond this portfolio. Quantum ensures technicians are continually trained in commercial air conditioning and across multiple products. Technicians are upskilled so we can introduce new products and innovative service contract solutions for our customers.

We understand you want worry-free HVAC. Regular scheduled servicing for commercial air conditioning is the only answer for avoiding equipment breakdown that can be costly.

Our clients cover retail, national fast-food, government, hospitality, cinemas and hospitals, value regular scheduled maintenance and fixed-price service contracts for their commercial air conditioning and across our range of preventative maintenance programs.



home air con


Quantum is the preferred choice for commercial air conditioning servicing and maintenance for over 1000 clients across Australia.

home refrigeration


Quantum understands, services and maintains commercial refrigeration, misting facilities, cool rooms, freezers, evaporative cooling and open display cases.

home coffee


All Quantum coffee servicing technicians are trained and certified Baristas. We provide on time, fast and reliable services to our clients nationwide.

home post mix


Quantum services and maintains post-mix machines and CO2 monitoring equipment for leading fast food companies across Australia.

home savings


Reduce energy consumption with Quantum. Our unique energy saving technology will not only save on your bill but it is also good for the environment.


Why use Quantum for all your servicing and maintenance?

Quantum has built a successful business through establishing five core differentiators. These five competitive advantages enable us to deliver best practice servicing, maintenance, and 24/7 breakdown support to our customers.

Paperless Cost-Saving Administration

Quantum is rolling out a proprietary software development in the form of an iPad application that will enable our national network of technicians the ability to input live data from the site. The cost savings for Quantum will reduce from $75 in in-house administrative handling to $5 which will be passed onto our customers.


  • Eliminates cumbersome paperwork
  • Live data – Direct transmission
  • Direct electronic transfer of invoice and data from Quantum technician
  • Quantum cost now down to $5/transaction
  • Quantum can reduce our customers’ administrative costs by partnering with this innovative IT solution

Instantaneous Customer Reporting Systems

Quantum offers all customers tailored reports that are emailed at the frequency you choose (daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annually) as a report or spreadsheet. Reports include the Daily Job Completion Report, Maintenance History Report, Job Status Report, Quote Status Report, Site Costing Analysis Report, Equipment Costing Analysis Report, Quality, Performance Report, Refrigerant Usage Report.


  • Transparency
  • Helps you monitor your maintenance activities, and analyse costs by location or by individual piece of equipment
  • A valuable and unique cost-free system for maintaining quality at your sites.

Unique Energy Reduction Technology

We actively promote the use of sustainable solutions and have partnered with XDX Australia to produce energy savings. Quantum technicians install the patented XDX valve added to an existing system before the refrigerant enters the coil.

Operational benefits:

  • Reduced defrost cycles
  • More consistent temperatures
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Extended equipment life
  • Increased product shelf life
  • Reduction in both shrinkage and spoilage
  • Return on investment 9 – 36* months
  • Capacity increases of up to 10%.

Multi-Product Servicing

Achieve more when you have multiple products serviced by Quantum. We service a portfolio of equipment from commercial kitchens, commercial air conditioning and refrigeration, coffee machines and in-store security systems. Multi-product servicing is more productive. In the long term it’s a more viable solution as you’re partnering with us rather than numerous suppliers.

Sectors we serve:

  • Healthcare
  • State & Local Government
  • Tourism
  • Entertainment
  • Commercial property
  • Industrial facilities
  • Fast food, Supermarkets
  • Hotels, Clubs
  • Retail
  • Education

Commercial Air Conditioning  National Coverage

Our high quality technical team is available nationally and also at a state or local level. National coverage for commercial air conditioning services gives us flexibility and scale to provide tailored multi-site customer care across state and regional offices.

ARC Trading License Numbers:  
  • NSW AU12849  
  • QLD AU35545  
  • SA AU27930  
  • VIC AU20176  
  • WA AU28319