Misting for Longer Shelf Life and Product Freshness

Misting is carried out for all kinds of fresh produce storage and a range of other products that benefit from the extended life and quality maintained through controlled humidity.

Quantum has partnered with internationally renowned humidification systems specialist company Miatech to supply, install and maintain Australian supermarkets with its leading technology. These range from spray systems for produce cases and fish ice tables to humidification equipment for meat, fish, poultry and deli service cases.


  • Fresh produce misting
  • Deli case cooling system for seafood, chicken & deli meats
  • Cool room & post harvest warehouse humidification
  • Outdoor people – evaporative cooling
  • Energy mist for condenser cooling
  • Air-borne bacteria control systems (ozone).
  • Super Market misting.

The entire line of products is designed to improve the retailer, distributor and producer’s bottom line by increased profits.

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