Post Mix & CO2 Monitoring

Post mix machines for fast, reliable Cold Drinks

Post mix refers to the system in which soft drink flavoured syrup is shipped to the retailer to be mixed at the point of sale with chilled and purified water, and carbon dioxide usually dispensed from a soda fountain or soda gun.

This beverage system is suitable for outlets that serve large amounts of soft drinks quickly, such as a sports stadium or a busy fast-food restaurant. Daily volume demands of these specialist machines means they need to be 100% reliable to dispense the perfect balance of flavour syrup and effervescence.

Quantum Technical Services is a leading provider of commercial equipment maintenance services, including post mix equipment and maintains machines around Australia for leading fast-food companies.


Our service includes:

  • Maintenance of Pump and Dispenser Valve
  • Servicing and repair of Superchiller
  • Checking syrup supply & ratios
  • Ensuring correct product filtration.

We also install and service CO2 monitoring equipment as per AS5034-2005.

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