Silver Recovery

Quantum’s Silver Recovery Units

Quantum, under its original name Photo Waste Management, was established as a Preventative Maintenance company to support the equipment sold to the Imaging industry.

Silver Recovery Units are unique in that they provide a revenue stream (silver), from a waste product (photo processing chemicals), whilst also providing a means to treat and dispose of the waste product on site.

A specific program was introduced by Photo Waste Management to monitor and maintain equipment performance and ensure compliance with environmental regulations. The Environmental Management Service (EMS) provides for scheduled preventative maintenance, carried out by an experienced technician, who will also ensure the equipment is in compliance.

In addition to checking the operation of the unit and making any adjustments as required, the technician will:

  • Harvest the silver (weighing it in front of the client)
  • Check the P.U.R.E. logbook is up to date
  • Measure the silver content entering the unit
  • Measure the silver content exiting the unit
  • Clean the unit
  • Provide a service docket.

Preventative maintenance will certainly minimise the risk of breakdown, but on the rare occasion that an SRU does breakdown, we have a national network of technicians able to provide prompt telephone and field support as applicable.

We also provide off-site services to complement the work carried out on-site:

  • Marketing and selling of customers’ silver
  • Automated equipment performance reports
  • Automated billing and payment systems
  • Liaison with local water authorities
  • Completion and lodgment of Trade Waste Agreements.